Here's How Micropigmentation Can Create the Look of a Full Head of Hair

No one wants to feel insecure about the way they look, and even if you are the only one who seems to notice it, a bald spot on your head can really shake your confidence. If you are having issues with hair loss or thinning, micropigmentation might be a great choice for you. The procedure is designed to give the illusion that you have a full head of hair, filling in empty spots and covering up scarring or other scalp concerns.

Who can benefit from micropigmentation?

If you’re one of the millions of men and women who suffer from skin issues on your scalp, micropigmentation is a wonderful, non-surgical option. The tattoo-like process uses stippling color patterns to hide those embarrassing skin conditions and make it look as if you have fuller hair.

A common condition that micropigmentation can treat is alopecia, of which there are three kinds. Alopecia areata is a disease that causes your immune system to attack your own hair follicles, making your hair fall out in patches from your head or body. There is also alopecia totalis, which targets the hair on your scalp, and alopecia universalis, which affects hair on the entire body. The hair may or may not grow back, and it can sometimes be gone for years.

It’s also an option for people who have gone through chemotherapy and have not had their hair come back, and even those who are experiencing problems caused by bad hair restoration procedures.

Micropigmentation: the illusion of a full head of hair

Micropigmentation is a non-surgical and virtually painless process that puts pigment into your scalp using microneedles. It is done to replicate the hair follicles on your scalp and basically looks like a series of dots. Our staff will determine the size and color of the dots to match your natural hair color.

While micropigmentation is considered cosmetic tattooing, there are differences. We use equipment specifically designed for this process and the needles are smaller. They are also embedded into the dermis so the color will not spread.

We’ll advise you on how many sessions it will take to achieve the maximum effect, and while the first one is the longest (lasting three to four hours), the follow ups will be shorter each time. Usually we’ll suggest two to four sessions, spread apart by about two weeks in between. While many people refer to it as a permanent concealer, you may need to do a touch up every four to six years.

After each treatment, your scalp may be a little red, but all you’ll need to do is make sure you cover it up with a hat or sunscreen to prevent sun damage. No maintenance necessary!

Where can I find more information on micropigmentation?

Come in to see us at Eternal Hair and Esthetics in Totowa, New Jersey and we can discuss the many micropigmentation options we have to offer. You can call our office to set up an appointment or book right here online.

When you come in, we’ll be happy to show you the real benefits of micropigmentation. And remember, you must always have a knowledgeable, trained and experienced expert doing the procedure. That’s always the way it’s done here at Eternal Hair and Esthetics.

We’re excited to help you get the look of a full head of hair back!

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