DFI Hair Transplant

At Eternal Hair, we understand that each individual case is different. The DFI procedures being highly effective with a success rate up to 97% in viability for the grafts to take.

A DFI Hair Transplant is a virtually painless procedure that does not create scarring nor do we make any cutting incisions which means there is no stitching or a lengthy healing period. Furthermore, DFI Hair Transplant can guarantee a 100% safe and natural look in your appearance once the 12 to 14 months of the regrowth period in concluded.

Treating our patients like the individuals that they are, our DFI certified specialist will recommend a treatment plan, which is tailored specifically for your individual needs.
DFI Hair transplantation is an innovative medical procedure done only by doctor and not a nurse or technician which, when performed by certified physicians in the field, gives a permanent solution and not just a temporarily to your hair loss problem. Here at Eternal Hair for hair transplants we understand how important the cost is to our clients, but we believe it’s essential to evaluate a number of other criteria first before figuring this in to your final decision. Your choice should be a lifetime investment that you make without any doubts regarding the outcome.

This procedure takes alopecia sufferers own hair follicles from the rear donor area of the head, and places them on the scalp in order to cover the balding area needed, ensuring 100% natural results.

At your consultation, we will walk you through the history of your hair loss. We will give you a complete diagnostic with camera magnifying each and every hair follicle which we use to measure the diameter of your hair and in what phase your hair cycle is in, as well as the quantity of hairs that your donor area will allow us to extract safely. During this time, we will identify the eligibility and only the most viable follicles of your donor hairs and present you with a realistic summary, which presents you as a candidate for Direct Hair Implantation.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Given that each individual case is different, and treatment time can vary greatly from patient to patient, prices can vary because each individual may have a different type of hair or scalp texture, as well as the different degree of blading in the Norwood alopecia scale type. For this reason, a full consultation is needed prior to determining an exact price for your individual treatment.

Eternal Hair with its qualified staff will formulate the final cost of the hair transplant according to the exact number of hairs extracted and implanted, rather than the grafts which can be deceiving. This is the most honest way of determining a cost that is unique to each client. Here at Eternal Hair we pride ourselves in being completely transparent with our consultation and quotation. Which that being said, our specialists will be glad to assist you and answer of your questions.


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